Scam spam

Well here’s a new one on me – maybe you have or haven’t seen it yet. I looks like it’s from the US Postal Service ( except that the email address was ) and the subject says:
Your confirmation for HoldMail Service request

The body of the text says:

Your request for holdmail during November 20 – 24 2017
We have received your Hold Mail Service request for November 20 2017. The USPS notice with the tracking information has been enclosed to this message. To view your Hold Mail Confirmation notice, please click here.
Please note that Microsoft Word must be installed on your PC.
We are currently holding your mail and the service cannot be cancelled.
However, the end date can be changed, by calling the Post Office and confirming the info on the Hold Mail Confirmation receipt.”

Red flags all over the place for me; the whole thing is a spam scam.

Stay suspicious, my friends.