Malware Management

Are  you wondering how to protect your system or network from virus invasion – especially when the threat  is continually changing?

But it’s not just viruses anymore. Shopping-ware brings in spyware which brings in trojans, backdoors, downloaders, worms and rootkits. Or purposely built websites will infect your system without you knowing that it’s happened. We have seen them all and we have removed them all.

And it’s not just bored college kids writing  virus code for fun anymore; now it’s criminals who are trying to steal your personal information for their boss’ profit. For some people, it’s their day job.

We will show you which products are helpful and which are not, the exact steps to take to protect your system and how  to use them.

The Right Software Tools

The usefulness of the various anti-malware software tools is very interesting in that what works best keeps changing. A second interesting thing is that some of the tools are fairly easy to use, while other tools require some deeper experience. But rest assured that we recommend is the software that we use.

Some tools are good for blocking the malware from coming in, and there are a few other tools that we use to clean up the mess that got in while your current antivirus software wasn’t looking.

It can be really confusing, but we have solved enough of these puzzles to have a good idea on what to do. Each one is a bit different, but they have their similarities.

And then we can install the right software to protect your system.