The Journey

2001 was an interesting year. We inaugurated a new President in the midst of a recession. Tim was working at for a very large semi-conductor manufacturer providing server sales support and occasionally traveling to set up a trade show network, but was feeling kind of cramped and took the opportunity to go do something else.

Then came September 11th. And the recession got deeper and Tim started Your Computer Guy as a sole proprietor, doing what he liked to do, in the way that he liked to do it, providing honest, friendly service to small businesses and individuals, treating people the way he would like to be treated.

Dedicated to the proposition that small businesses deserve good service Your Computer Guy helped businesses grow and move to bigger spaces and bigger networks and more servers and satellite offices.

In 2005, our accountant recommended that we incorporate and, trusting his judgment, we formed Your Computer Consultants, Inc. with Your Computer Guy as the DBA, or Assumed Business Name, as Oregon calls it.

And business was great all the way through 2008. (By the way, I vote that we change the spelling of through to thru; through makes no sense at all – just sayin’.)

But then 2009 was another very interesting year. Change brought uncertainty and small businesses  made big adjustments. Consequently the recession deepened and small businesses struggled. But we are still dedicated to providing personal, honest service for  small businesses and individuals, and are moving forward with current technologies because that’s what we like to do.

And we’re still providing honest, friendly service.