Dear Microsoft – here’s a great way to annoy people

Launch a pretty good cloud storage product and let people get used to using it. Run it that way for a couple of years.

Then you go and change the product name. Why? To annoy people?

Or here’s another idea: You’ve got an operating system that lots of people are using. So here’s what you do: drop support for it.

Or wait, even better: You’ve got an operating system that people love and know how to use. So with the next release you change everything so that people’s productivity goes down and their frustration level goes up. And the PC manufacturers will all hate you worse than before. Yeah, that’s the way to do it.

Or here’s another idea: buy a smaller company with a great product that lots of people like, then totally crapify the product and then dump it.

Yeah, that’s what you can do to really irritate people.

Hello? Is anyone listening?

Didn’t think so.